About Me

I am a professional coach (and a chef, and an accountant), and I am here to help you transform your health. My program will see you crush your excess weight and rejuvenate your health by rewiring your relationship with food and bringing deliciousness back into your life.

I drove the biggest eating revolution in South African history, founded Real Meal Revolution, South Africa’s most successful cook book series and keto program and broke a world record when I swam from Mozambique to Madagascar (that’s 460km).

And, in case you thought I was all rainbows and unicorns, I’ve slayed my own demons too.

I’ve been sued for everything I have, fought off bankruptcy, kept two kids alive, stayed married, kicked an unhealthy relationship with booze, overcome parent issues after being raised in a family rife with addiction. There’s more, but that’s a taste.

What I’m saying is, life is good at throwing obstacles in the way of noble goals. When you work with me, I will use your greatest obstacles to fuel your hunger for greatness.

The obstacle is the way.