Food. Transformation. Coaching.

"For every 100 people who
embark on a diet, only 2 make it stick."

Does your relationship with food derail every diet or exercise regime you try?

This is how my clients are joining the 2% who succeed at health transformations, without feeling restricted or ashamed.

You can do this with any diet or exercise regime you like.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably tried every diet under the sun. Each time you start, you probably promised yourself, ‘This time, I’m going to make it work’. But four weeks in you probably fall off the bus. Six weeks in, you’ve probably tried to climb back on but failed, and by the time you’ve hit eight weeks, you’ve probably cancelled your subscription, or deleted the meal plan and ‘parked’ your health goal until you can face another round.

Am I right?

If I am, then it gets worse.

The failure hurts more each time. It’s not just about being thin. It’s about feeling free and confident. And, the more you fail, the more it chips away at your self worth, your belief in yourself and your hopes and dreams of just having a normal life, where weight and body image don’t plague your consciousness.

The problem perpetuates. Before you know it you look back and just see years of the cycle repeating itself over and over again. To a lesser or greater degree, you find yourself stuck in the binge cycle. Does this look familiar?

And here’s the thing – most diets work (even though I am hugely biased toward low carb) but all they do is teach you how to restrict.

The reason you keep falling off the bus is because you have never been taught how to be cool and calm in the face of anything that comes your way (never triggered). And, you have never been taught how to have a healthy binge (and I don’t mean going crazy on celery and fat free cottage cheese).

That is why I created Food Transformation Coaching. It is designed to deal with the 80% of other stuff in your life that impacts your diet that no one ever talks about.

Food Transformation Coaching fixes the ‘Other Stuff’

Some of the benefits of Food Transformation Coaching:

Hi. I’m Jonno, your coach. What do I know about transformation?

In case you thought I was all rainbows and unicorns, I’ve slayed my own demons.

I grew up in a broken home with a parent in active addiction. As a teen I was angry at the world. I had no self-worth. I drank. I took drugs. My nickname was ‘Trash’.

At 19 years old I began my transformation. I discovered cooking and I realised I could be good at something. With that confidence came my passion for personal development and my hunger for greatness.

At 28, with a chef qualification, a degree in accounting, a shining career record in professional cookery, wine marketing and big catering management. I had clawed back from my childhood. I even made it onto TV, co-hosting 52 episodes of a South African cooking show – Whats’ Your Flava.

Next, I pushed far beyond my comfort zone and conceptualised and co-authored my first book, The Real Meal Revolution. But first, I recruited Tim Noakes, Sally Ann Creed and David Grier to make it happen. It went on to sell way over 400,000 copies and change the way South Africa looks at food and health. It spent 36 weeks at Number 1 on the Nielsen National Bestsellers List

A year later, my physical transformation climaxed as I went from weighing 100kg and being in awful shape, to weighing just 83kg and breaking a world record by swimming 460km from Mozambique to Madagascar in 24 days.

When I became a bestselling author overnight, and I broke a swimming world record, my ego got me into trouble. I stopped caring about relationships and that got me sued not once, but SIX TIMES. It got so bad that the day my first child was born, I sat filing a plea to a high court lawsuit on my laptop next to my wife while she was nursing our new born baby.

It didn’t stop there. With all the stress and fighting I lost my grip on reality and made bad decision after bad decision. Just one year after creating an overnight sensation and breaking a world record, I was swimming in millions worth of debt and an ocean of damaged relationships at home and at work. My life was a mess. I was a mess.

My passion for personal development and my hunger for greatness never waned. I was determined to claw back and learn from my mistakes. I knew if I could figure out how I got it so wrong and how to win again, I would be able to help others transform too.

It took me six years, but I finally paid off all of my debt, put all of my lawsuits to bed, and worked hard at repairing the relationships that were damaged. I survived being sued for everything I have. I fought off bankruptcy. I kept two kids alive. I share a beautiful marriage. I kicked booze for good. I got certified as a professional life coach. I overcame parent issues, and I plotted the master plan behind South Africa’s biggest health revolution.

Now I spend every day, with my team of coaches and dietitians, helping people take back their power through food by applying everything I learned through my own transformation.

If you’re getting yourself ready to claw back, to transform your health and your life at all costs, I’m the guy you want in your corner. I will teach you how to use your greatest obstacles to fuel your hunger for greatness.The obstacle is the way.

What do my clients say?

Chloe Buckland, 44, Oranjezicht, Cape Town, transformed her relationship with food and lost 40kg

Loving food was how I defined myself as a person, the excessive fun loving foodie who loves to cook and eat, to change my behavior would mean I would have to change who I was as a person and I did not want to, or know how to do that.

I got to understand a completely different view on diet and my personal relationship with food. It was much more of a life coaching experience than I had expected and it got to the bottom of so many issues, with my eating, that I was unaware I had. My doctors are thrilled by my progress and the coaching work has given me a much more positive outlook on life and my future.

If you’re the kind of person who can see your health failing, feel helpless about how to make a change and overwhelmed at all the information out there and not sure where to turn then this program is the solution for you. Working on the mental aspects of diet and why we eat is a vital component to success that Jonno offers.

Denise van der Westhuizen, 63, Hermanus, South Africa

If you’re the kind of person who has struggled over and over again to lose and keep weight off, who believes that no matter how hard you try you just can’t do it, who wants to look and feel healthier and better – This way of eating and Jonno’s coaching can change your life.

You need to put in the work. But it’s so worthwhile.

For me the most special thing about Jonno’s process (and what was also so unexpected), was the kind of work I had to do. It was challenging, fun and sooooo interesting. I learnt new stuff at every session that I couldn’t wait to put into practise. At times it was really hard, but always rewarding.

Also, that was no censure or judgement (I did enough of that myself).

Jonno has completely changed my attitude towards and views about health and eating.

And it’s been brilliant!!

Michelle Cantley, 69, Lusaka, Zambia, transformed her relationship with food and lost 20kg

I had 60 yrs of being obese. I started my first diet at 12 and after each weight loss attempt I would end up putting it all back on plus more. I was so desperate to see the scale move, I would restrict my water intake approaching a weigh-in.
I saw food as the enemy. Something that was trying to derail my efforts of controlling my weight. It was either a feast, which made me feel totally out of control, or famine when I was starving myself.
Working with Jonno was a truly positive experience and not a negative one like diet programs where every day is a struggle. I enjoy the food that I eat and I have got my love of cooking back.
I am around 20kg of fat lost and plan to lose another 10 to 16kg over the next year. I have reduced from a size 24 to a 16 and I have finally gotten back into jeans and trousers I have not worn for 12 years or more.
Now, I am planning an active and healthy retirement. I have started playing golf again with my husband. Pre Jonno and RMR I could not walk 2 holes without a struggle, now I can play 9.

Why does coaching transform my relationship with food?

The endgame is to have you feel at ease with food. There is ‘being strong’ and ‘having willpower’, but my work is focused on getting you to a point where you don’t need willpower. Imagine not eating badly because you’re just not that into bad food anymore, and you value yourself too much to put that into your body. It is a total paradigm shift linked to your identity, your values and your beliefs.

That’s the work we do.

Most of our work will apply to every area of your life, but food provides us with a tangible environment in which we can observe what comes up when you are trying to implement a change in behaviour.

In the first three to six months, I lean on your projects/homework to provide insights. The structure is loose because the value often comes from conversations and events that occur outside of the structure.

If the opportunity for a breakthrough presents itself, I’m not going to pass that up for the sake of sticking to the program.

Once we have done the groundwork, sessions are about dealing with what comes up. And stuff always comes up.

What do I get?

  • Coaching – We meet fortnightly for a 60-minute coaching session through Zoom (It’s like Skype, but better) to dig deep into what comes up while we’re working together – The two weeks between sessions allow you time to reflect, and do the homework.


  • The Work – After each session we define development and reflection topics and tangible outcomes for you to achieve by our next session. They are designed to transform your relationship with food, yourself, your health and the people in your life. This is where 80% of the value comes from. 


  • Any-time access on WhatsApp and email all the time (within reason)


  • Session recordings – All sessions are recorded on video (unless you’d prefer not to) and stored in a shared file so you can relive breakthroughs and valuable insights you get from our time together

Dietary Prescription

If you don’t currently have a diet, my team dietitian will give you a personalised dietary prescription. If you need extra dietitian visits and stuff beyond the initial consultation, that will be for your own account.

Real Meal Revolution Online Keto Course

I will also give you access to Real Meal Revolution’s Online Keto Course which will teach you basically everything you need to know about the physical side of losing weight.

All 600 delicious low carb recipes from all of my books

Over 50 low carb meal plans, shopping lists etc.

To Sum it All Up

If you work with me you’ll get three months of coaching and all of the other bells and whistles mentioned above.

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FAQ - Anything else I should know?

I take clients in three month / 12-week commitments / quarters so that we can plan actions in 12 week rotations. Longer than that is too hard to predict. Shorter than that means too much planning and not enough doing.

I don’t do once-off or ad hoc sessions unless they are for clients who have already been through my program

The value you get depends on how ready you are to transform your life and take it by the horns.