Chloe Buckland, Oranjezicht, Cape Town, South Africa (44)


Here’s what Chloe had to say…

I have always seen food as a way to self medicate, if I felt good I would use it as a reward when I felt sad as a form of comfort.

Loving food was how I defined myself as a person, the excessive fun loving foodie who loves to cook and eat, to change my behavior  would mean I would have to change who I was as a person and I did not want to, or know how to do that.

I could clearly see my weight was affecting my health, the scale kept leaping upwards but I justified it as I ‘couldn’t’ lose weight. I  was eating healthily, I did not eat take aways or junk food and if I enjoyed a piece of cake I was living life to the fullest. I had tried so many eating plans and none had worked, I was just a big person.

Having to admit I no longer fit into regular size clothing was devastating, I swore I would never get to that point but suddenly I was there…I started not wanting to go out with friends or to parties as I knew I would be the largest in the room and began to feel self conscious. The thought of trying to lose in excess of 40 kilograms was so daunting that I had given up… it was easier to stay home and enjoy a bowl of pasta to make me feel better.

The turning point was a very serious health scare in Jan 2019 and being taken to hospital in an ambulance at the age of 43 and realising I had to lose weight to be able to walk again, it was a wake up call I needed. 

I knew about the Banting concept, owned and had read all the books (being a serial dieter) and cooked delicious meals from the recipes but I didn’t lose weight. I had second helpings of everything followed by chocolate biscuits with tea. A friend had great results and convinced me to try. And I took on Jonno as my coach. 

I was expecting to be very limited in what I could eat and hungry all the time while craving bread and cakes. But, I got to understand a completely different view on diet and my personal relationship with food. 

It was much more of a life coaching experience than I had expected and it got to the bottom of so many issues, with my eating, that I was unaware I had. The food I eat now is delicious and I don’t wake up feeling starving and bloated like before.

I now have a clear view of correct portion sizes and understand why I feel the need to eat excessively and how to manage it. I have lost weight for the first time in 10 years and finally feel in control of my relationship with food, what is good for me and what I put into my body.

Having a Jonno on hand to answer questions, keep me focused and delve deeper into my relationship with food was vital, it was the biggest difference I experienced compared to all the other unsuccessful ‘diets’ I have tried

I started at 115kg’s and have lost 30kgs in 7 months, all while being bed bound after surgery and unable to move. My doctors are thrilled by my progress and the coaching work has given me a much more positive outlook on life and my future. 

if you’re the kind of person who can see your health failing, feel helpless about how to make a change and overwhelmed at all the information out there and not sure where to turn then this program is the solution for you. Working on the mental aspects of diet and why we eat is a vital component to success that Jonno offers.

Denise vd Westhuizen, 63, Hermanus, South Africa


Denise started working with Jonno in March 2020. This is what she had to say about her experience. 


Before engaging with RMR and Jonno I thought I knew a lot about healthy eating. 

Despite this my eating habits were completely dysfunctional. I was overweight and had spent most of my life on some diet or other, always convinced at the time, that this time, this was the ONE. 

I’d lose weight (on some diets more than others), but it always came back on again. And then I’d feel like such a failure.


How did Denise see food before she started? 

Food was all about Feast or Famine. 

I was either on a diet: counting, weighing, measuring, thinking about food a lot.

Or not dieting, planning the next one, still thinking about food a lot. 

I just didn’t seem to have a “normal” button when it came to food.

In hindsight I was never really comfortable around food.


I felt like a failure. No matter how hard I planned and tried, sooner or later I would fail again.

How did you feel about your health? Your body, yourself and/or your prospects of becoming healthy? 

I thought my health was OK. 

I was relatively fit and active, I enjoyed exercise and loved hiking. It just all started to get a bit harder. Aches and pains took longer to go away. I knew I had to do something. But I had no idea what. 

I hated the way I looked, the way it felt and I wanted to feel really good rather than just OK. 


What made you decide to make the change?

All the weight I’d lost in my previous (yet again, in hindsight) dysfunctional weight loss program was slowly coming back on again. And I started to panic. The more I stressed, the more all I could focus on was how I’d failed again. And food (what now?). I just couldn’t understand why, when I knew so much about food and dieting. 


I was desperate.


What led you to Food Transformation Coaching with Jonno?   

I’d always been interested in the concept of Banting, and had previously lost quite a bit of weight on the diet. But, inevitably it came back on again, as the way I did it was very restrictive. Then I read  an article about Keto. A lifestyle, where you don’t have to feel hungry, or deprived. Where you eat well, feel great, become so much healthier and lose and maintain weight loss. 

I bought Jonno’s book, did some research, and was blown away by the health benefits and results by simply just cutting out sugar, gluten, processed carbs (wine is still a work-in-progress..).

I signed up to the RMR Online Course and then decided that maybe this time a coach would be a good idea too. After all you work with coaches to get your body fit, why not to get healthy too.


What were you expecting from Food Transformation Coaching?

I didn’t really know what to expect from Food Transformation Coaching. I suppose at the time I just assumed it was someone who would guide me through the food choices, planning menus, the difficult patches. Someone who would motivate me.


What did you actually get?

What I actually got was so much more. 

I got someone who worked with me to motivate myself to change. I finally understood why I’d never been successful before, how I set myself up for failure every time, and why this time, once I fully understood what was driving the habits and behaviours of a lifetime I finally stood a really good chance of succeeding. 

I’ve gained confidence, I’m in a much better space now. I’m happier, healthier and calmer. 

It has been life changing.

And now I know I will lose all the weight I need to – to be healthy, strong and fit.


What are some of the significant changes you have experienced that you believe came from coaching with Jonno?

The most significant change I’ve experienced in this process has been a complete review and overhaul of my relationship with food. Jonno has helped me to understand the negative behaviours, the why’s, and then helped me to own and resolve in my own way and own time – how life can be going forward.

How did your experience differ from other health or diet experiences you have had before?

This approach is completely different to any other health or diet experiences I’ve ever had before. There’s no obsessing about the food. No counting. No charts, graphs, tables. No when, where, how, why, how much, how many…….


I felt as if  Jonno understood my issues (even before I was aware of them), and then patiently coached me, week by week – to work through the solutions myself. 


I was expecting to be told what to do. To weigh, to measure, be censured if the weight loss wasn’t good enough. There was none of that. In fact food is not really even the focus, other than a few basics that were there right in the beginning. No sugar, no gluten, no processed carbs, less alcohol (a work in progress as I love the odd glass of Chenin or bubbles…)


I’ve realized that’s’ exactly why I never had long term success before.

The issue was never food, how much I ate, or how often – the issue was me (and my issues)


What other physical or mental benefits are you experiencing? 

Physically I haven’t lost as much weight yet, or as quickly as I did previously on other diets. 

But this is not about a diet and losing weight. It’s about a healthier, happier way of life. That is sustainable for the long-term (forever actually). 

I fully expect, in time, to lose all the weight I need to, and to be able to maintain. 

Mentally I’m in a better space. I’m calmer and so much healthier in my approach to food and what I eat. I’m not stressed about food anymore. And I don’t feel sad about what I can’t eat, because there are so many delicious things I can.

What kind of people do you think would get the same benefits from coaching with Jonno? 

If you’re the kind of person who has struggled over and over again to lose and keep weight off, who believes that no matter how hard you try you just can’t do it, who wants to look and feel healthier and better – This way of eating and Jonno’s coaching can change your life.

You need to put in the work. But it’s so worthwhile.

For me the most special thing about Jonno’s process (and what was also so unexpected), was the kind of work I had to do. It was challenging, fun and sooooo interesting. I learnt new stuff at every session that I couldn’t wait to put into practise. At times it was really hard, but always rewarding.

Also, that was no censure or judgement (I did enough of that myself).


Jonno has completely changed my attitude towards and views about health and eating.

And it’s been brilliant!!

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